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Building a Java Aimbot for Desert Golfing

This was a fun project because automating UIs and games is always fun, and it involved some mathematical physics.

If you've never heard of Desert Golfing (on Steam), there's not much more than what's shown in the video. It's 50,000+ procedurally generated holes of golf. It's surprisingly addictive because the holes go by pretty quickly and you're always just frustrated enough at missing an easy shot that you promise yourself you'll definitely get it on the next shot.

If I had to remake this bot today, I would probably use OpenCV since it has much nicer functionality for pattern-matching on an image.

Side story - I once wrote a bot (also with java.awt.Robot) for one of the Microsoft Live Search Club games as a fun diversion. Live Search Club was a collection of Flash games that would award you tickets redeemable for real-world prizes. IIRC it was a way to pump up search-engine usage numbers because each move in the game would trigger a web search. It later rebranded itself as Club Bing before finally being shut down.

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